After over a year and a half of routine eyelash extensions, I decided it was time to grow out my natural lashes in hopes to reverse the damage the extensions had unfortunately caused. I practiced applying falsies for months with dozens of different brands, styles, shapes and sizes only to find they were either overpriced, too short, too heavy, or just too uncomfortable.

I reached out to strangers, friends, family, everyone I knew and noticed we all shared one common opinion: everyone wants the look of eyelash extensions without the expense, upkeep and potential damage.  So in 2017 I took it upon myself to start this project and risk everything to create my own false lash brand: Baby Coco, LLC  

I had finally found and trademarked a high-quality, comfortable, 100% cruelty-free,natural-looking, AND feeling false lash. After searching high and low, going back and forth with multiple manufacturers, we came up with my Signature Lash and (thanks to my savings account), Baby Coco, LLC was born on April 22nd, 2017.

The Baby Coco lashes are designed for anyone and everyone who desire beautiful, cruelty-free lashes while maintaining a look that is casual and comfortable enough for long, everyday wear. Reusable up to 10 times with proper care, cruelty-free (!), durable, natural, and of course comfortable!

I spent my childhood and majority life’s work performing professionally all over the USA on stage as a child and young-adult AEA based actor. I studied Drama with a minor in Ballet at Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts where I received a BFA in 2012. 

For as long as I can remember I had a true passion for makeup. I loved watching the older girls in the dressing room put on their makeup and lashes. I never thought I would find myself here, as a beauty brand owner. But here we are! I am not a makeup artist by any means but I do know one thing for sure…. These lashes look stunning on any and every set of eyes to which they are applied.

Since Baby Coco launched in 2017 I have been so happy to be able to donate almost $10,000 to multiple charities such as MeToo, No Kid Hungry, Global Wildlife Conservation, American Cancer Society, and Black Lives Matter just to name a few. 

With over three thousand five-star reviews and counting, I plan to continue growing this brand I love so much. It is my goal to continue donating profits while making all of you feel as beautiful as you are inside and out. 

I am beyond grateful for all of you who show me so much unconditional love, support and understanding.  Nothing in life is easy but if you work hard, rely on yourself, and hold pure intentions, you will find success in whatever it is you choose to do. I love you with all my heart.  Thank you so much for all the support you’ve shown me and my small business that I care for and love so much — I could not do this without you.

xoxo 🎀 Coco

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